collaboration Factory AG

collaboration Factory AG

collaboration Factory AG is a trendsetting software company with a focus on project and collaboration management. Using our concentrated knowledge and technical expertise, we develop solutions that markedly improve the functioning of projects and companies and that are also fun. The game changer is cplace, our extraordinary platform for next-generation project management.

We want to keep pushing the limits of what's possible. You are free to go in unconventional directions. Become part of our journey!

Über das Unternehmen: 
Anzahl Mitarbeiter: 
IT / EDV / Internet
Gesuchte Berufsfelder: 
Automobilbranche, Projektmanagement / Produktmanagement, IT / Informatik, IT / Consulting, Engineering, IT / Datenbankadministration, IT / Systemadministration, Netzwerkadministration, IT / Wirtschaftsinformatik, IT / Softwareentwicklung, IT / Helpdesk, IT / Projektmanagement, IT / Prozessmanagement, Consulting / Beratung
Gesuchte Fachbereiche: 
Informatik / IT
Eigene Standorte in: 
München, Hannover, Ludwigsburg
Who do you meet at the CEBIT?
You are going to meet one of our Senior Platform Developers, one of our Senior IT Project Managers, and one HR colleague.
Who we are looking for?
Redarding our high customer demand, we are looking for developers and it project managers in Munich, Hanover and Ludwigsburg (Stuttgart). We are also looking for other positions in our growing company. Find out more on
What are our company values?
We are Team-Players - We share a common goal. Everyone of us is an important part of the team. We treat each other equal regardless of experience, age, or position. Every question deserves to be asked, every opinion deserves to be heard, and will be accounted for in our decisions. We enjoy spending time together and celebrate accomplished goals as a team.True collaboration means helping each other, working as a team and having the big picture in our minds. It does not stop at company borders: collaboration and networking with partners and customers are essential parts of our mission. Commitment and Transparency - We love what we do - our passion and commitment to what we do distinguishes us. One of our key factors for success is setting high standards for ourselves and our work. Shared trust combined with open and honest communication towards each other, our partners, and our customers is a matter of fact. Closed doors and hidden agendas will not be tolerated. Appreciation - We appreciate you as a personality. You are a talent and there are lots of great jobs out there for you. We are glad that you chose us. Your individual performance is a significant contribution to our success and drives us forward. We make sure that our success is your success. We actively support you in managing your personal and professional development. Just do it - We are makers. We prefer actions over long-winded and endless discussions. While doing so we think as entrepreneurs, get others on board, and take responsibility. We act consciously not desperately and are not afraid of making mistakes but learn from them. Our flexibility and agility allows us to change course and adapt to the needs of ourselves, our partners, and our customers, at any time. Innovation and Sustainability - We are driven by our search for innovation and new ideas in technology and methods. We are curious, sometimes unconventional but always open to go into new directions. We make the room required to thrive innovation and foster our creativity. Continuous improvement and high quality are a must. Our work is sustained and future-proof - to be able to provide constant business value to our partners and customers.
What do you get at collaboration Factory?
Room for ideas to create our future and software, flexible work model and days for working from home, personal development and chances to contribute, choose your own technical equipment, outstanding team of experts and different team events, as well as everything that comes with a start-up: Club Mate, foosball room, table tennis...
Flexible Arbeitszeiten
Flexible Kleidungswahl
Freie Internetnutzung
Gut erreichbar mit Öffis
Home Office möglich
+49 89 80 91 33 230
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