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Wir sind ein global agierender Cloud Enabler und AWS Premium Partner. Als Cloudreach glauben wir fest daran, dass es nur eine Frage der Zeit ist für Unternehmen ihre Reise Richtung Cloud anzutreten, ganz nach dem Motto: “Not if. When”. Wir liefern eine Anzahl Plattformen, Tools und speziell geschultes Personal um diese Transformation so einfach und angenehm wie möglich zu gestalten und unseren Kunden hierdurch eine Marktvorteil zu verschaffen.

Über das Unternehmen: 
Anzahl Mitarbeiter: 
Beratung / Consulting / Recht, Engineering, IT / EDV / Internet, Telekommunikation
Gesuchte Berufsfelder: 
IT / Consulting, Engineering, IT / Datenbankentwicklung, Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence, IT / Embedded Systems, Firmware-Entwicklung, IT / Hardware-Entwicklung, IT / Systemadministration, Netzwerkadministration, IT / Web-Entwicklung, IT / Softwareentwicklung, IT / Sicherheit, IT / Leitung, Teamleitung, IT / Projektmanagement, Consulting / Beratung
Gesuchte Fachbereiche: 
Informatik / IT
Großbetrieb (250-999 MA)
Eigene Standorte in: 
München, cologne, London, UK, Edinburgh, UK, Atlanta, New York, Chicago, Zürich, Schweiz, Paris, France, Amsterdam, Netherlands, vancouver
What does “Keep It Cloudy” mean?
“Keep It Cloudy” is our collective motto internally. We “Keep It Cloudy” by staying true to our company values. We understand that supporting each other goes a long way. We believe in the quality and personalisation of the customer experience, and that great people are the foundation of our business, and key to everything we do. We’re a team of many cloudy characters. We believe that diversity and individuality lead to better decision making, improved problem solving, greater creativity and innovation.
What are the benefits of working at Cloudreach?
There are tons of perks to working at Cloudreach, outside of our benefits package. For one, career growth is a big focus - when you join the company, you and your team leader will determine an individual development plan (IDP) that sets short and long term goals for your growth at Cloudreach, both in terms of your skills and your role. You’ll also receive a role scorecard that outlines your KPIs and shares exactly what you need to do to get to the next level. Our awesome training and development team has a whole host of online courses you can sign up for to build both hard and soft skills at your convenience. Outside of growth, there’s our awesome team. We love sharing knowledge via our experts groups and “tekkie teas” where team members introduce each other to cool new tech they’ve worked with recently. Cloudreachers know how to have fun, whether it be a Kesha concert in NYC or board game night in Edinburgh - we may work hard but we aren’t afraid to let our hair down too. From reconnecting with everyone at Friday Cloudy Lunches after a long week, to gathering together for business and fun at our quarterlies, there are plenty of chances to engage with your awesome co-workers.
What does the recruitment process look like?
The recruitment process at Cloudreach typically takes 3 weeks. It varies depending on the role you’re applying for but this is what you can expect: Phone Interview Everyone who joins Cloudreach spends 30 minutes talking to one of our Talent team to learn more about the role and how your background and skills may fit. A fairly overarching Q+A on your experience thus far. Case Study A written, role-related assessment which is usually allowed to be completed over 48 hours of your own time. Face to Face Interviews Meet with 2-3 members of your potential team to further assess your skills and answer some more deep-dive questions. Cloudy Panel A 30 minute chat to assess one final and very important point: are you a cloudy fit?
How does an uncapped holiday policy work?
Our uncapped holiday policy means you have no set holiday entitlement, but an uncapped number of days to book throughout the year. You can therefore book a holiday when you like - and your workload permits- as per this policy. All employees are encouraged to use at least their local statutory holiday entitlement.
What’s a typical day in the Cloudreach office like?
Every office has a unique character, but all are spirited and full of energy. Similarly, all roles are different, but your recruiter knows the ins and outs of all of them! Check out a few of our videos for a cloudy feel.
What do you think it takes to be successful at Cloudreach?
Initiative is key to success at Cloudreach . In line with our values of promoting personal growth and being one step ahead, the most successful Cloudreachers show a good deal of initiative and can drive to get things done. We have tons of tools at your disposal but ultimately it is up to you to take advantage of them. Another key to success is curiosity. While we’ve grown rapidly in the last year we still have a very open culture, so don’t be afraid to ask questions and learn something new - even if your question is for one of our co-founders!
How do I submit an application if I can’t find any suitable open positions?
No suitable position? No problem, we’re always happy to chat. Drop us a message on
How many people are there at Cloudreach?
We have nearly 300 team members, spread out across 7 countries. The largest team is Cloud Enablement - our project delivery and engineering team - which makes up over a third of the company!
Do you sponsor or transfer visas?
In Europe, Cloudreach can sponsor and transfer visas for certain roles. Visa sponsorship in North America is considered on a case by case basis. It’s always best to clarify with your recruiter at the start of the process.
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